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There are considerable differences between the torsion garage door springs and their extension counterparts. The torsion units are placed over a shaft with drums, which hold cables extending to the bottom of the door. They provide torque corresponding to the weight of the door to enable its upward and downward movement. The extension models also work to enable opening and closing, but they do this through extending and contracting. They are set on the side of the door or above the horizontal tracks. Both types of components are designed to be strong and durable, but if problems arise, you can rely on our garage door repair experts to take care of them.Garage Door Springs

Experienced and Dedicated Specialists

We have long-term experience and vast expertise in providing torsion and extension springs repair. We cover hardware components of all sizes, designs and brands from Clopay to Martin and from Stanley to Amarr. Our dexterous technicians keep up to date with the latest technological advancements in this field thanks to the regular professional training which our company providers. You can be certain that we will fix any issue no matter how specific, complex or rarely occurring it is.

Our emergency service is designed to get you out of all sorts of difficult situations. In case you hear a loud bang coming from the garage, you should not hesitate to contact us and we will come and provide garage door torsion spring replacement on the spot. The breaking of this important component is a serious issue and has to be resolved timely so that further problems are prevented. You can rely on us to resolve the matter right there and then. We will provide the required replacement part right from our vans that are equipped with everything that we need in our professional work. This system works flawlessly and we, at Garage Door Repair Austin, always have spare parts at hand to eliminate the waiting, hassle and inconvenience for you.

You can use our expert service for planned replacement and installation projects as well. Our technicians use only advanced installation techniques mastered to perfection. As a result, our teams install even oil tempered garage door springs fast and without leaving any marks and scratches on the surrounding surfaces. You can forget about mess and noise with our professional service. You can hire us to provide overhead door springs maintenance as well. In fact, we cover the entire system from the panels to the opener.

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