All about garage door openers

All about garage door openers

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Garage door openers are simple electrical and mechanical devices. They have got different parts that can break and need lubrication to stay in working order.All about garage door openers

There is a variety of factors that you should consider when buying an appropriate garage door opener. Price, security, installation, power and warranty are just a few of them.

However, it can be quite difficult when it comes to choosing an appropriate door opener from a large number of options available. But here are some guidelines which can help you make the best selection for your garage;

Door openers are available in different types of drive

*   Screw drive garage door opener –This option falls in the category of mid-range price. The door movement is controlled through a threaded steel rod that enables it to slide up or down. In comparison to the other options, this type has fewer moving parts and thus requires little maintenance. Screw drive door openers are fairly quiet and work smoothly when exposed to high temperatures. They are also not as common as chain drive door openers and are equipped with a ½ hp motor.

*   Chain drive garage door opener –This is one of the most popular garage door openers and the one that is commonly used. It is the least expensive of other door openers. However, chain drive door openers are very noisy and are not a good choice especially when your garage is adjacent or under your bedroom. Chain drive openers are installed with a ½ hp or a ¾ hp motor. It is more appropriate for single/double sets of garage doors.

*   Torsion drive garage door opener – This is the newest version of garage door openers which are available in markets today. It works via a counterbalance system of torsion springs that does not require any motors. Torsion drive openers are suitable for garages with a lower ceiling, as it allows a wider clearance by keeping the door closer to the ceiling when raised.

*   Belt drive garage door opener – This is the quietest and also the most expensive option in door openers. Rather than using a chain it makes use of a rubber belt to control door activity.

There are different door sizes available

A standard size of a garage door is about seven feet tall. A standard door opener can accommodate doors up to six inches taller than their standard height. Taller doors come equipped with extension kits to ensure they work properly.

Choosing an appropriate entry system

Once you have selected an appropriate garage opener system, you can now choose an entry system that you like. You can choose keypads, wall controls, keyless, remotes or push buttons.

There are also updates available that allow you to upgrade the door security while still using your older version of door opener. You can further improve your garage door’s function by installing a garage door monitor. It allows you to keep an easy track of your garage activity by recording when the door opens and closes.

Using a soundproofing kit can prevent the door’s vibration from penetrating into any of your rooms that are located near the garage.

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