Garage Door Locks

Garage Door Locks

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If you store valuables in your garage or use it as workspace, you would want to make sure it is as secure as possible. Also, if your garage is attached to your home, this is all the more reason to make sure it is secure. Although some garage doors are already equipped with lock features, it doesn’t hurt to add additional features to maximize your security. It may also give you additional peace-of-mind. There are some great choices for garage door locks available to you. We have featured a few of our favorite and most effective garage door locks below.Garage Door Locks

Side Bolt

This is probably the most popular garage door lock. It is placed on the interior of the door. Since no one can see the lock from outside, it makes it less likely that they will attempt to break it. There is a bolt with a receiving slot. This is then placed on the track. In order to secure the lock, the bolt needs to go in the slot. This means no one can come in from the opposite side. It is not a complicated lock yet it offers very effective security.


This is a logical choice because over the years they continue to prove effective against intrusion. These are primarily used on any entry door from the garage to your house. A single cylinder deadbolt requires you use a key to open it, from one side and has a knob on the other. A double cylinder deadbolt means that you’ll need a key for both sides of the door. Intruders typically choose a lock that doesn’t require as much effort as a deadbolt. This is another good reason to use this type of lock.

Effective Keyless Locks


With the electronic lock, your fingerprint is used instead of an actual key. Several fingerprints can be saved and stored so that multiple people are able to gain access. This type of lock is more expensive than some of the other effective locks, but it is well worth the investment because it is effective in keeping out intruders.

Digital Keyless

With this lock you also do not need to use a traditional key. You simply create a code that is programmed into a keypad. To gain access, you just key in the code and the door will open. It is because of the advanced technology used to develop this keyless entry that makes it a good choice for securing your garage and home. This is considered high security.

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